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Case Studies

Goodman House:

Working closely with the technical project manager Richard Tuff of Britelec assisted with the design requirements and amounts of data points required, Britelec surveyed the building and added to the design diverse fibre routing and worked out a clear colour coded system with the client that would give resilience and failover should either data cabinet on any floor fail ensuring business continuity throughout the whole building.

Through meetings with the client and the main contractor we were able to ensure that both the clients’ needs and timescales and that of the main contractor were aligned and achieved by working well within the programmes and ensuring clear communication from the start and throughout our time on site of any requirements we have and liaising with all trades to ensure we held no-one up and that no works got ahead of us and caused us an issue.

In total Britelec installed over 1500 cat6 data points, as well as the 8 excellent data cabinets and labelled everything using long life and precise finish engraved labelling, as the images show, to achieve a very professional long life system for the client. As well as the data cabling we also installed 6 projectors, screens, Speakers and input cabling to floor boxes. Diverse fibres between all floors and multicore voice links too!

Goodman House - A Britelec Network Services Project
Goodman House - A Britelec Network Services Project
Goodman House - A Britelec Network Services Project

Ingatestone Primary School :: Phone System :: Sip Trunk Savings

The Junior School contacted us because their phone system was old, couldn't do what they wanted it to and so they needed a new one.

They wanted a phone system with more lines on their main number as parents often complained they couldn't get through, they wanted a pupil absence option so that parents calling in could leave a message that their child was absent without taking the office staff away from dealing with the parents and pupils at the reception office in the busiest period of the day. They also wanted a couple of new extensions wired in and added to the telephone system.

After sitting down with them and looking at their BT bill we could see that they had 1 line on their main number, they had a fax line and another line that they were being billed for that we couldn't find and they couldn't identify.

We advised the school to speak to their alarm people and BMS people to see if the mystery line was anything to do with them. It was found it wasn't so we advised that it be cancelled and when it was everything was fine, it really was just an unused line that they had been being charged every month for without any use whatsoever and always would have done without our involvement.

On the B.T bill we had been shown the school were paying £49.56 a month for line rental alone and whilst the call fees were pretty good we were still able to almost half them.

Now being an Essex school means that they have good broadband access, this made us think that the best way to provide the service the school wants whilst maximising return on investment savings would be to use their broadband for their calls and so instead of expensive line rentals we opted for SIP trunks.

As Britelec are a partner of both Essex County Council and UPDATA we are in a unique position to work on behalf of schools and with UPDATA, this ensured that the required technical changes are made on the schools existing broadband equipment. With this in mind we were able to confidently change the schools 1 physical line on their main number to 3 SIP trunks instead. This gave the school 3 lines on their main number to call in/out on instead of their old 1 line.

If the school had ordered the 2 additional lines with B.T then they would have likely paid around 212.00 to have these installed and would be paying 82.60 a month for line rental. Thankfully they contacted us and not B.T so now instead of 82.60 a month line rental they pay £18.00 instead – that's 64.60 a month saved - £775.20 a year! With their brand new fully featured VOIP phone system including 6 new VOIP Display handsets costing less than £1700.00 the system will pay for itself in a little over 2 years then will be saving the school around a thousand pounds a year (including call cost savings), whilst giving them the lines and advanced telephone features they needed.